Entirely crafted from Organic Ingredients

All organic botanical oils are cold pressed and unrefined.

  • Organic Sesame Seed Oilhas long been valued in Asia where it is recognized for its therapeutic properties. Sesame Oil contains the beneficial nutrients of Vitamin E, Vitamin B, Calcium, Magnesium, Protein and Lecithin.
  • Organic Castor Oil– is a very thick oil. Restoring moisture, it will protect and and bring out natural luster without clogging pores or causingchemical staining.
  • Organic Safflower Oil– is a well knownlight, but easily absorbed nutritive oil. With a high content of linoleic acid, it saturates deeply, while calming and soothing surface irritations.
  • Organic Soy Bean Oil– is another light, yet nutrient rich oil containing lecithin, vitamin E and plant sterolins. When hooves are healthy and naturally strong, they are more resistant to bacterial infections.

Essential oils have become popular and are widely used; however, not all essential oils are created the same, nor are they all pure. For this reason, we have been careful to use only Organically Grown, select, therapeutic grade, superior oils from well-trusted sources.

  • Organic Thyme – More potent than Tea Tree oil, highly antiseptic oil of Thyme is antibacterial, antiviral andanti-fugal. Properly used, Thyme oil is safe and very effective on injuries and wounds.
  • Organic Cypress – A lesser-known but nonetheless versatile and potent therapeutic oil, Cypress has circulatory effects along with antiseptic benefits.
  • Organic Lavender – Well known for healing cuts, bruises and minor irritations; Lavender has long been used in a wide variety of therapeutic medicines. A small amount of Lavender oil softens the naturally medicinal aroma of Thyme.